BlueAnt is adding to its X series of portable speakers with the introduction of the X4, which it claims to be the best sub-$300 wireless speaker in the market.

Like the X5, the X4 sports an intelligent LED lighting system, microphone capability and lightweight and portable design. It boasts BlueAnt’s patented psycho-acoustic bass extension accompanied by five different light modes as well as a lights-off option.

BlueAnt has also added several features that claim to set the X4 apart from its rivals and any other speaker the company has produced to date.

Up to 100 X4 speakers can be paired together at any time with a pairing distance of up to 100 metres between each speaker with no lag or loss of audio quality, as well as no impact on connections regardless of interference such as walls. The first speaker connected via Bluetooth to the music device controls the music, volume and bass boost.

In addition to an IP54 splashproof rating, the X4’s form factor is about half the size of the X5 and weighs just 2.6kg with an easy carry handle and light-up controls to ensure easy navigation in low light conditions. The X4 also comes with a bonus microphone and the speaker houses microphone volume and echo effect controls, including a bass boost button.

According to BlueAnt CEO, Taisen Maddern, the X4 is unrivalled in clarity, bass and range of audio regardless of volume.

“It’s the most versatile speaker that’s available today. It can be a party speaker, the speaker that sits in the middle of a picnic, it can be a karaoke machine, as a boombox for an outdoor gym, or be comfortable at home or in the garden,” he said.

“We looked at what made our X5 speaker such a huge hit with Australians and we added to it in a more portable form factor that can help revellers announce that parties are back in Australia.”

The BlueAnt X4 is now available for RRP $299 on the BlueAnt website and select Telstra stores in five colours including black, white, teal, pink and purple.

BlueAnt also confirmed it will be releasing Active Noise Cancelling true wireless earbuds shortly.