Kogan.com has reported a record result for first half FY21 with gross sales up more than 96% and gross profit increasing more than 120%.

Seven of the 10 biggest trading days ever occurred within the period surrounding Black Friday. In the week from 23 November to 29 November inclusive, gross sales were greater than $50 million and on Black Friday, gross sales exceeded $15 million – the single biggest day in the history of the business with 124,000 items sold or more than an item per second throughout the day.

Kogan marketplace had its first week of gross sales totalling more than $10 million and Matt Blatt recorded more than $1 million of gross sales for the first time in Black Friday week.

Kogan.com founder and CEO, Ruslan Kogan said he was proud of the way the team continued to delight customers while dealing with scaling the business through a period of extreme growth.

“We are proud to have delivered another record half while undertaking significant investments into the future of the business. I am so proud of how our team is navigating extreme growth within our core business, and responding to the fast-changing economic, health and supply-chain environment,” he said.  

“We delivered our largest acquisition to date in Mighty Ape and expanded the Kogan.com community of members to more than three million active customers. We are investing into building strong customer relationships by expanding our logistics capability, our marketing reach and our systems and infrastructure.

“Black Friday week saw some of the most extraordinary trading we have ever seen – with seven out of our top 10 days ever occurring during the Black Friday period. Customers have come to rely on Kogan.com to deliver their Christmas shopping needs, and we are proud to have satisfied well over a million happy shoppers this Christmas period.”