By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Samsung has extended its LCD television sales promotion to benefit customers who are not Foxtel subscribers. Anyone who purchases a Samsung Series 5 or 6 LCD television can choose between a Foxtel HD+ package or a Blu-ray player.

The offer, which has been extended through August, is part of a serious promotional war between the TV giants in Australia, as brands encourage pre-Olympics spending through value-add initiatives.

The Samsung Foxtel HD+ offer includes the new iQ2 set-top-box, installation and three months subscription. In total, this offer is valued at $274.85.

Customers who don’t already subscribe to Foxtel are required to pay a $99 upfront fee to access the pay television provider. After the initial three month honeymoon period, those who wish to continue with Foxtel HD+ will be subjected to a 24 month contract with a $1,251.65 minimum cost.

Alternatively, customers can opt for the Samsung SD 1500 Blu-ray player, which has an RRP of $699. This almost triples, in dollar terms, the original Foxtel HD+ offer, which may entice consumers uninterested in Foxtel or those eager to experience Blu-ray technology.

This extension of the Samsung promotion is in direct response to Sony’s PlayStation 3 offer, which also began today.