By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: LG has teamed up with Qantas to tease travellers in transit with a taste of the new 3D TV, the Infinia LX9500.

Qantas travellers passing through the domestic Qantas Lounge at Sydney airport can take the opportunity to kill waiting time, and experience the savvy set.

It features innovative LED backlighting with panels of LEDs behind the screen (the 55-inch model has 1,200 LEDs) allowing for both brighter displays when watching the 3D and blacker blacks during darker scenes.

The TV also includes embedded access to BigPond Movies on Demand, Skype, YouTube and a range of other content directly through LG’s Netcast technology.

Travellers will be able to make the most of the lounge offer for one more week before they will have to go to the stores and pick up the 55-inch for RRP $5,199.