By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: MC Hammer was in Sydney yesterday as part of his whirlwind tour to promote the Xbox 360’s latest features, including social networking and streamed movies, and its latest release Lips singing game, which features his Australian #1 single U Can’t Touch This.

In an amusing press conference, in which Hammer spoke eloquently about his experiences as a successful rapper, racehorse owner and social media businessman, the baggy pants man said the Xbox’s Twitter functionality was the best of the major platforms he had used. Considering Hammer has over 1.6 million followers, and he himself follows over 30,000 people, this recommendation is considerate.

One of the first questions MC Hammer was asked was how he’d amassed such a large following.

“It’s just a part of the growth of being an early adopter,” Hammer said. “I got involved with Twitter early, my account is a couple of years old, I take followers everywhere I go, it’s humbling to see the growth.”

Despite his name being synonymous with ridicule during the late 1990s, in which his rap empire crumbled and he lurched towards bankruptcy, Hammer has reinvented himself as a technology businessman. His credentials are equally impressive and amusing. For example, he told reporters there were at least five Xboxes in his house. When asked how many TVs he had, Hammer was nonplussed, eventually saying that he didn’t know the exact number, but there were four in his bedroom.

On the subject of Xbox 360 Twittering specifically, Hammer was enthusiastic.

“My favourite part of it is the interface, aesthetically it’s nice, a lot of people speak about using plasma screens for art, this is living art because not only is it cool, but it refreshes, so when I’m walking by I have this on the majority of the screens in my house, and so if I’ve just finished playing a game, I can refresh it myself, but it also refreshes by itself, so I’m getting something that’s real, but I’m also getting live updates, I follow 31,000 people so I’m seeing a lot of thoughts flowing through.”

Hammer has been good value for Microsoft Xbox 360 since arriving in the country last week. Unlike some other celebrities that have been brought in to endorse products, Hammer has been affable and light-hearted, shaking hands with and being talkative to fans.

Lips: Number One Hits is available on 26 November 2009 for RRP $99 with microphones or RRP $59 without microphones.