New pet vacuum for 2017.

Bissell CEO, Mark Bissell (pictured) has declared the next global trend to complement floorcare will be focused on petcare.

“We see the pet category as a global trend. When we look at the macro numbers, the spending behind pet is almost double what it is almost every other category. For example – we are finding that pet food is becoming near human food – a lot of it is stored in special refrigeration systems at retail so there is clearly a lot of humanisation of pet that is happening.


“We are definitely looking at the pet category as an important part of our growth strategy. Already so many of our customers are pet owners, particularly deep cleaners were bought by pet owners because they are such a good way to clean up after pets. So as we focus on what else they need, we are finding a lot of opportunity and good acceptance of brand in this space.

“Our new product – the Pet Hair Eraser has a number of great patented innovations. The tangle free brush roll is really a genius invention, so whether it is long human hair or longer pet hair if you look at many brush rolls today in both canister, but mainly upright vacuums, you turn them over and there is a lot of debris that gets wrapped around the brush roll and this is a problem. So this is a design that prevents that from happening basically. It is a larger size brush roll with recessed bristles and does a great job of picking up everything as it should but the pet hair and human hair doesn’t get wrapped it goes through the system – so that is one of the great features.

“We introduced Pet Hair Eraser two months ago and we are running fairly heavy direct response infomercials and traditional 30 second advertising at the moment. We find that this sort of product lends itself to demonstration. We have found that prime time for this sort of advertising is Saturday mornings and it is a good way for us to explain what the product is and how it works.”