By Claire Reilly

Virgin Mobile has announced a new plan structure for its customers, as well as a new campaign centred around the tagline “Fair Go Bro”. As part of the campaign, the telco has signed up Doug Pitt, brother to movie star Brad Pitt, as its new Fair Go ambassador.

Speaking about the new campaign, which was promotes Virgin’s focus on giving a “fair go” to consumers, was Virgin Mobile’s self-styled “demand generator”, marketing director David Scribner.

“This industry doesn’t have a lot of fairness,” said Scribner. “We decided the best way to give a fair go was to give it to someone’s brother.

“Unlike his famous brother, Doug’s never been the star of anything. As believers in a fair go for all Virgin Mobile has decided to make things a little fairer in the Pitt family and we’re asking Aussies to get behind Doug and show him some ‘like’ at”

The Average-Joe-Turned-Celebrity theme will be see Doug Pitt promoted in social media, before the commencement of “phase two” when Doug will be launched “as the face of Virgin Mobile” with consumers called upon to join his entourage.

According to Scribner, the campaign is “social by design” – starting with social media, before moving to more traditional press, outdoor and TV exposure.

Virgin's new promotional video, starring a the other brother from the Pitt family. [Story continues below].

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As part of this fair go proposition, Virgin has also simplified its plan structure for consumers. In 2011, Virgin mobile reduced the number of plans it offered consumers from 19 down to 9, and now this number has been further reduced to 5.

Each plan will offer unlimited mobile calls and text between Virgin customers, free voicemail in Australia, the ability to rollover unused credit from month to month and the benefits of being part of the “Optus family”, including the $1.7 billion sum that has been invested in the network this year.

The 5 plans include the $29 and $39 “Big Plans”, the $49 and $59 “Fair Go Plans” and the $89 “Topless” plan. The Fair Go and Topless Plans offer unlimited standard text to Australian numbers, and the Topless plan also offers unlimited standard national monthly plan credit. Users can also save $10 off each minimum monthly spend if they bring their own device.

Plan details (provided by Virgin Mobile):

  Big Big Fair Go Fair Go Topless
Min. monthly spend $29 $39 $49 $59 $89
Included monthly credit $450 $650 $400 $700 *
Included Data 250MB 500MB 2GB 3GB 4GB

 *Topless Plan offers unlimited standard national plan credit included per month, and $89 standard international plan credit.


Virgin also took the opportunity yesterday to reveal plans for expansion into the 4G spectrum, with Derek Cummins, head of product marketing at Virgin Mobile saying," We will have 4G this year".

While Virgin's network provider Optus announced plans to build a 4G network in Australia (following its purchase of Vividwireless Group) in February this year, Virgin has remained quiet on the topic. While Cummins would not confirm pricing, timing or availability, the revelation may indicate that the traditionally lower-priced telco will have a competitive 4G offering in the marketplace by the end of 2012.