The new Bing Lee website is now live utilising unified commerce to provide the retailer with access to a full view of customer interactions both online and offline.

Leveraging Progressive Web Application (PWA) in a true serverless environment, the Bing Lee site is now faster and more user-friendly on all devices with all user engagement metrics experiencing a positive result since launch last week.

“We’ve moved to microservices architecture allowing Bing Lee to leverage APIs and the best of breed applications. It is a true revolution in e-commerce for Bing Lee and a solid foundation for the future,” Bing Lee general manager, Peter Harris told Appliance Retailer.

“Following on from this launch, Bing Lee will roll out a bespoke point-of-sale (POS) in stores to give our sales team an enhanced tool to provide customers with a better in-store experience.”

The new website launch was led by Bing Lee head of e-commerce, Nigel Price, who was supported by head of technology, David Beck. External partners involved in the project include e-commerce consulting and development company, Fontis and digital marketing agency, Sparro.