Bing Lee CEO, Lionel Lee and mum, Yenda Lee welcomed 80 Bing Lee head office staff and store managers, along with 12 supplier partners, to its annual conference held at Chateau Elan in the NSW Hunter Valley.

The conference was held over five days under the theme ‘TEAM – Together, Everyone Achieve More’, as the business celebrated the wins over the last 12 months, the challenging retail landscape and the future of the brand and its longstanding relationships with key supplier partners.

Suppliers shared insights on new product launches, future ranges and the importance of ‘TEAM’ to achieve results. Presenting partners included Haier, F&P, EHP, Samsung AV, Lenovo, Bosch, Fujitsu, Ecovacs, JBL, Philips, Cygnett, and Miele Floorcare.

Sydney Swans representatives: Nick Davis, Chloe Molloy and Montana Ham.

Bing Lee staff participated in Bing Lee Olympics and a live interview session with the Bing Lee sponsored Sydney Swans, including AFLW captain, Chloe Molloy, player Montana Ham and assistant head coach, Nick Davis, to understand the importance of team in a high-performance sport, and the role that both leaders and players have on and off the field.

Lionel Lee opened the conference focusing on ‘TEAM’ and the importance of taking the time to reflect as a business and work together to achieve results during challenging times. He touched on the culture that has driven the business for over 66 years and how he continues to ensure this culture remains throughout every team within the business.

“I cannot believe that a year has passed since we were here last year celebrating our 65th anniversary. What an interesting and challenging year it’s been,” he said.

Bing Lee’s Bianca Nursoo (second from left) with the Haier team.

“This time last year the official cash rate was 2.6%, currently it is 4.1%; an increase of over 50% in the year. We are all fully aware of the economic impact and for us, the resulting drop in sales.

Bing Lee’s Nicole Hadley (third from left) with the Breville and Philips teams.

“Today, I would like to give you a little bit of history regarding Bing Lee. Hopefully, you will walk away with a better understanding of how we work as a family, and why we, as the owners of Bing Lee, treat everyone associated with our business, as part of the greater family.

Bing Lee’s Sam Zalin (far left) with the Fujitsu General team.

“The business is 66 years old, which is remarkable considering that we are simple retailers. Retail is what we do – my grandfather did, my father did it, and now my children are doing it. Retail and family is in our DNA.

Bing Lee head office staff.

“Running a business is hard… running a family business is even harder. The pressure to maintain the pace of change, allow diversification with speed not haste, ensure that we grow, while not betting the farm, are all pressures that I’m sure my grandfather, father, and now myself felt and feel every day.

Bing Lee team with JBL and Hair representatives.

“To protect the brand name above the door and the 700 people that strive to maintain that brand name, is all that I do, and is my number one responsibility.

“TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More. My first response to the theme was a bit meh. After all, we know that in Gary Lee’s terms, ‘A man alone is easy pray’.

Bing Lee team with suppliers.

“We all know that well-functioning teams achieve far more than the sum of the individual parts. Likewise, many of us have heard the saying that ‘individuals play the game, but teams win championships’.

“However, the more I thought about it, I realised how relevant this topic is, and that it is even more so in challenging times such as what we are facing currently. We know that teams and teamwork can be incredibly effective, and good or bad.

Bing Lee team with suppliers.

“We all know that well-functioning teams achieve far more than the sum of the individual parts. Likewise, many of us have heard the saying that ‘individuals play the game, but teams win championships’.

“Just how effective are we as a company working as a team? To borrow Chris Murphy’s phrase: ‘One team… one dream’.  Are we doing it well? Importantly, could we be doing it better? Are we maximising our true potential as an incredibly effective ‘one team’?

Bing Lee store managers.

Bing Lee general manager, Peter Harris highlighted the importance of “TEAM” to get through this challenging period in retail and the role suppliers play to deliver great experiences and value to the market.

“More now than ever, in these challenging economic times, we need to work closer and more collaboratively across our business. We need to be a tighter, stronger and more committed team,” Harris said.

Jesse, Jasmine & Josh Lee.

“Just as we need to work closer with our suppliers to get the best out of every opportunity. From new product launches to joint marketing campaigns, from strategic core ranging to better forecasting. The more aligned we are, the better the outcomes will be. Together, Everyone Achieves More.

“We will come out of this downturn as better retailers, better suppliers and better people. It is not the easy times that define us; it’s the challenging times that make us better and stronger for it.”

Feature image: Lionel Lee with his family: Jasmine, Josh, Jesse, Lisa & Jordan Lee.