BIG W has partnered with Pinterest for its new spring collections campaign that was shaped by what Pinterest users in Australia have been searching for on the platform ahead of the season.

The campaign will mark the first time BIG W is using Pinterest’s trend insights to provide people with ideas for how to bring to life products from their latest collections.

Pinterest recently introduced Trend Badges, a new trend-based ad solution that is enabling brands like BIG W to reach consumers when they’re considering which ideas to try and what products to purchase.

Pinterest Trends is a strategic way for brands to tap into the top themes and ideas that Pinterest users are searching for during key seasonal moments. With the Pinterest Trend Badge, advertisers now have the opportunity to own a particular trend on Pinterest, giving them special authority and ‘stamp of approval’ as the only brand to have the Trend Badge on Pins for the trend in that country.

BIG W and agency partner Carat collaborated with Pinterest, to use trending search terms to spotlight matching products from the spring collection. Trends such as home “workout programs” is up 365% year over year as well as inspiration for how to improve outdoor spaces (searches for “outdoor alfresco ideas” are up 988% year over year) and refresh interiors (searches for “beachy aesthetic” are up 236% YoY).

BIG W social media manager, Alice Harrison said, “Our spring campaign is all about inspiring customers to step into spring with style by showcasing key products from our gorgeous new season range. Utilising Pinterest’s trend insights we were able to reach audiences with our on-trend solutions at the very moment they were seeking inspiration.”