Announces 2018 winners.

At its annual conference, Bi-Rite Home Appliances hosts an awards evening to acknowledge the stores that have gone above and beyond over the past 12 months. There were five Gold Awards presented with a $1,000 reward for each award winner and a Store of the Year award with a $5,000 reward.

“Every year we like to acknowledge those stores who put in a little bit extra, those who have a strong passion and those whom we can learn a little bit from, with our Gold Awards,” Bi-Rite’s Hamza Hussein said.

Bi-Rite general manager, Abdul Kayum Sacur presented the trophies and rewards.

Gold Awards winners were:

Goulburn (NSW)
Kim and Scott Gann

Boonah (QLD)
Chantal and David Mortimer

Wangaratta (VIC)
Travis Whiley

Bowen (QLD)
Kristin Delacey and Andrew Green

Stanthorpe (QLD)
Tammy Hills and Cameron Burton

The Store of the Year award recognises overall performance including core ranging, compliance, community involvement and is a good brand ambassador.

“Each year we have been seeing stores improve in each of these aspects, which not only makes us proud as a group, but it has also given us more candidates for the award than before,” Hussein said.

The Store of the Year award winner was:

Portland (VIC)
Aaron and David Lindsey

“Aaron and David have been more involved in the store over the last year and their attitude has not gone unnoticed by the staff at head office. We congratulate you on this feat.”