With more than 200 members and trade partners.

Bi-Rite Home Appliances hosted its fourth annual conference at Twin Waters on the Sunshine Coast over the weekend with over 200 attendees, including members and trade partners. The conference consisted of a welcome dinner, opening address to members and trade partners, a trade show and awards evening.

Bi-Rite Home Appliances general manager, Abdul Kayum Sacur said, “Our conference continues to evolve and improve to provide mutual benefit to both our retail members and trade partners. We are excited for 2018 and look forward to the opportunities the industry will bring.”

The opening address from the Bi-Rite Home Appliances management team outlined the business changes over the past two years for the group, the importance of the customer experience, the arrival of Amazon on Australian shores and what’s to come in 2018 as the retailer celebrates 20 years in business.

L to R: Tristan Ansley, Abdul Kayum Sacur and Hamza Hussein from Bi-Rite head office

Abdul Kayum Sacur said, “It was 2015 when we decided to make major changes to the business, including a greater focus on core ranging, marketing and breathing new life to the Bi-Rite logo and brand. One of the topics last year was regarding the uniform identity that is the Bi-Rite Home Appliances brand and how we can work together to best prepare for the future by enhancing the shopping experience in our stores.

“We have been working fiercely to build our brand identity and will continue to invest and drive this further. I am confident about where we are going with the brand. Bi-Rite is more recognised within the industry and more often than not, we are on the shopping list. We need to create noise for our brand and be at the front of mind of consumers when they are ready to make a purchase.

“We often get asked, what is your opinion on Amazon and what will it mean for the industry? I believe our strength as a group is our regional locations, which is somewhere Amazon will not be able to deliver cost effectively when compared to metro areas.

Bi-Rite general manager, Abdul Kayum Sacur

“Australia has a population of about 23 million people but we are very spread out. Our advantage as a business is that we are established in towns where there may only be one or two other retailers. We do not want to give Amazon the opportunity to enter our territory.

“Amazon is a behemoth and massive conglomerate. They will make it work eventually so we need to make sure that we give customers a reason not to shop with them. I believe one of the largest concerns is margins as Amazon will expose customers to the market price and will drive it down. When a customer walks into a store expecting to match the price of other retailers, such as Aldi or Costco, you either accept it and lower your expectations or you switch sell them to something that makes more money.

“We need to be prepared and work as a team – it has to be a group effort. So how we can compete with Amazon? I believe it will be by having something different. Amazon does not have stores so they cannot do the in-store experience like we can. Consumers are still looking for instant gratification. Yes, Amazon will take market share and there will be many people buying from them but equally, the retailers who have adapted to compete with them have had success and growth. We have always provided our customers with confidence for shopping local and we have to keep driving this message.”