SYDNEY, NSW: Ilve has today released a new oven with an induction cooktop. Called the Induction Upright from Ilve, this model is being marketed as a safe and environmentally friendly cooking appliance.

Induction cooking works by creating a magnetic connection between the cooktop and the specially designed, induction-ready pan. The heat is transferred almost instantaneously, with the cooking surface of the pan reaching high temperatures but the surface of the induction cooktop remaining cool.

Other features of this 90-centimetre oven include catalytic liners on the interior, triple door glazing, and a cool touch door handle.

“This pioneering oven incorporates chef-quality features that will delight any aspiring home chef or want-to-be kitchen master. Culinary heights once thought unobtainable are now within reach with features such as the pizza and bread cooking function, rotisserie and new improved precision thermostatic technology boosters, scorching from 0-250ËšC in an instant,” said a spokesperson.

The Induction Upright from Ilve (PWI 90 MP) is RRP $10,999.