By Patrick Avenell

Retailers can start tempting customers with an Aussie icon, with Whirlpool announcing today a new promotion to give away an Esky with ceratin refrigerator purchases.

Between 1 October and January next year, customer who purchase a qualifying Whirlpool refrigerator will also receive a blue 36-lite Esky cooler. Ten refrigerators are covered in this promotion; all are from Whirlpool’s energy efficient range and are sized between 400 and 499 litres.

Talking about the value of this promotion to retailers is Whirlpool general manager of marketing, David Graham.

“The partnership we have with Esky delivers direct benefits on the shop floor,” said Graham.

“These alignments ensure that our consumers are enjoying a bonus with their purchase that matches the quality and reliability that they have come to expect from Whirlpool.”