By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Miele Australia will release a new refrigeration range this month featuring freestanding side-by-side and upside down refrigerator/freezers as well as wine cooler units.

“Householders in Australian and New Zealand can now enjoy the high quality, elegant design, durability and innovative technology they have come to expect from Miele, every time they open their refrigerator and freezer,” said Miele in a statement.

“The freestanding models all feature a classic stainless steel exterior enhanced by stylishly curved soft-line doors, a traditional soft-close lever handle and subtly embossed Miele logo.

“The sleek exteriors conceal a plethora of features and innovations that continuously ensure that food and beverages are stored in a perfect environment,” the statement said.

The new Miele refrigerators and freezers boast chrome-trimmed glass shelves capable of holding up to 25 kilograms and come with the new PerfectFresh zone, designed for extended storage of fresh fruit, vegetables and meats.

“It features two separate compartments – one dry, and one humidity controlled – in which temperatures are maintained at just above freezing point. In addition, adjustable humidity levels within each compartment allow the user to adjust the PerfectFresh zone settings to specifically suit the types of food being stored.”

Also included in the new range is the DynaCool function, which works to maintain even temperature and humidity distribution throughout the refrigerator. The SuperCool and SuperFreeze features quickly reduce the temperature within the refrigerator and freezer respectively while NoFrost helps to avoid ice formation and an Automatic IceMaker supplies users with easy ice.

“There are also a variety of wine cooler options,” said the statement.

“For those who require wine storage but do not have the space for a dedicated wine storage unit, Miele’s KWFN8706SE is the ideal solution.

“Forming one half of a Miele side-by-side combination centre, the bottom half of this unit features a freezer, while the top half accommodates a 144 litre wine cooler, capable of holding up to 40 bottles of wine.

“Alternatively, the Miele KWT4154UG-1 is the perfect selection for those looking for a built-in wine cooler. This wine cooler offers two separate temperature zones to ensure that reds and whites, or whatever the palate may fancy, are served at the optimum temperature.”

The full Miele refrigeration range includes the 647 litre K8952SD+KFN8701SE or 661 litres K8952SD+KWFN8706SE combinations (RRP $7,699), the KFN8997SE (RRP $6,199), the KFN8993SDE is (RRP $5,999) and the KWT4154UG-1 (RRP $3,499).

(Correction: An ealier version of this story incorrectly stated that Miele was entering the refrigeration category for the first time – apologises for any inconvenience this may have caused.)