Las Vegas, Nevada

CES Unveiled is the official pre-show media conference for brands to showcase the latest and greatest technology. Here are our picks for the most interesting and eye-catching devices unveiled at Unveiled.

MeloMind: the tech solution to anxiety.
MeloMind: the tech solution to anxiety.


No, these gentlemen aren’t from the future, they are from France! The MeloMind is a headset that measures brain activity and then purports to tell the user why they are feeling stressed and to suggest solutions, via a supporting bespoke app.

Use the headset three times per 15 minutes, said Thibaud Dumas, co-founder of manufacturer My Brain Tech, while listening to specific music played from the app, and it will measure your relaxation levels. You can then train yourself to be better at handling stress.

It’s hard to know how mellow MeloMind can make your mind but these two guys didn’t seem too self-conscious about wearing those intriguing devices on their heads through the conference.