Through partnership with start-up firm.

Best Buy has teamed up with San Francisco-based start-up Lumoid to provide a try-before-you-buy service for Best Buy customers. For the next month when customers visit Best Buy online, they will be able to use Lumoid to try out health and wellness, digital imaging and smart home devices at home.

A statement from Best Buy provided to Appliance Retailer read: “For a small fee based on the items they select (for example, $35 for a wearables trial), customers can choose up to three different products to test drive for their desired period of time (usually about a week). Once they have sampled the options, they can either return everything, or buy the product they would like to keep at the retail price and have a brand new one sent to them.

“This is great for our customers because it gives them added confidence about what – or even if – to buy. We know from research that our customers are looking for help deciding which products will best meet their needs, especially in personal device categories like health and fitness, smart home and digital imaging. They do their research online and in-store, and now they will be able to take these products on a test drive.”