After five years of being distributed by Andi-Co Australia, Bertazzoni Australia became its own subsidiary supported by Bertazzoni Italy, effective 1 January 2024.

Since being appointed managing director for Bertazzoni Australia in October 2023, Mark Tragear has been instrumental in repositioning the Bertazzoni brand to better reflect its true market position and allow for sales growth.

Bringing over 40 years of industry experience in both retail and wholesale to the role, Tragear quickly recognised the need to finetune product pricing and ranging across Bertazzoni and La Germania brands.

“Prices needed to be adjusted to better reflect the market position of both Bertazzoni and La Germania. Since taking effect from 1 January 2024, the response from retailers has been very encouraging and shows we are on the right track to being market competitive every day. We also reduced the product ranges to achieve a clearer model strategy,” Tragear told Appliance Retailer.

Beyond changes to pricing and ranging, Bertazzoni is focusing more on customer service throughout the buying journey, including post-purchase. “We want every customer to be a brand advocate and have an amazing experience at every touch point,” Tragear said.

The subsidiary has also seen new employees join the team with the opportunity to appoint two former Eurolinx account managers, Nathan Paul (pictured left) as account manager for Victoria and Jeff Briggs (pictured right) for New South Wales, bringing over 15 years and 17 years of experience, respectively. Paul and Briggs join Dennis Beroukas and Danielle Mosley who have been with Bertazzoni for five years.

“It may be a small team, but the combined experience is nearly as old as Bertazzoni itself. Bertazzoni Australia is now set up to grow the Bertazzoni and La Germania brands across Australia,” Tragear said.