Belkin International plans to become 100% carbon neutral in scope 2 emissions by 2025, after achieving several sustainability benchmarks for 2020.

Belkin will align 2025 corporate goals with the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals including climate action, responsible consumption, and peace, justice, and strong institutions.

Belkin International CEO, Steve Malony said the company is always looking ahead, setting new goals and reaching for higher standards.

“Our organisation is made up of people who want to leave the planet a better place for our children and future generations. We remain forever and authentically passionate about renewing our commitment to a circular economy and carbon neutrality and continuing our pledge to support the Paris Agreement,” he said.

To date, Belkin has recycled more than 22,000 tons of electrical and electronic devices and almost 9,000 tons of packaging to reduce its carbon footprint. The company has reduced plastic packaging in its cable range by 90%, its wireless charging pads by 48% and wireless charging stands range by 81%.

Belkin has also offset 100% of its US warehouse facility’s power consumption using Renewable Energy Credits from a wind farm and is improving its material sourcing and usage to ensure ethical and efficient operations.

Belkin’s 2025 Sustainability Goals include:

Climate Action

Belkin pledges to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact. The company signed America is All In to acknowledge its commitment to the Paris agreement, has committed to become 100% carbon neutral in scope 2 emissions by 2025, and will work towards carbon neutrality in Scope 1 and 3 emissions.

Packaging and E-Waste

Belkin pledges to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. The company aims to reduce 25% single use plastic packaging by the end of 2025 based on its 2019 benchmark, transition to FSC certified paper for all retail packaging, and use 30% recycled content on all plastic packaging where removal of plastic packaging is not viable.

Belkin acknowledges EU’s objective to drive towards a more circular economy and will explore ways to reduce its e-waste footprint by weight in terms of plastic reduction and recycled content.

Human Rights

Belkin strives to promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies. Its parent company is a founding member of the RBA and has adopted and implemented RBA standards in its internal policies and processes. All Belkin suppliers must comply with the company’s Supplier Code of Conduct and complete a social compliance audit every two years.

To support these efforts, Belkin established its inaugural Sustainability Committee, a group of VP-level eco-warriors within the organisation to keep the company accountable to its objectives. Malony is the executive sponsor of the committee.