By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: NEC’s Australian subsidiary will bring back a 32-inch plasma to the Australian market this Christmas to offer consumers a sub-$1000 flat panel TV option at the popular 32-inch screen size.

LG Electronics also recently announced it will be revisiting 32-inch plasma panels – a screen size which went out of vogue years ago – but will not introduce the model in Australia.

NEC product manager – audiovisual, Paul Cunningham, believes there is still a big market locally for 32-inch flat panel TVs, and although the company’s new model will be a standard definition VGA panel with 852×480 resolution and HD digital tuner, it will have a price advantage over similar-sized LCD TVs.

“We feel that with a $999 recommended retail price, that there will be an opportunity to sell a 32-inch plasma in the market,” said Cunningham.

“How long its product life will be is hard to say, but we feel it is worth a shot. Our target is for a pre-Christmas or Boxing Day launch, and we think that at its price point it does offer another option to the consumer who just wants a 32-inch flat panel TV at a price point. The majority of consumers are not thinking about plasma vs LCD, they just want a flat panel.”

NEC will continue to focus on LCD in the 32-inch screen size as its key offering, but Cunningham believes the 32-inch plasma – which is styled like an LCD – will be a complementary offering in the range.

“Particularly with panel prices rising in LCD due to shortages, you cannot buy a 32-inch LCD for the same price point," he said.

"True, the resolution is lower with the plasma but it still has some of those characteristics that people look for in a plasma, like good fast moving images. Even though there has been a lot of advancement in LCD, I think plasma may still have a little bit of an edge in terms of picture quality in some areas.”

NEC will also update its plasma range this month with two new models featuring a better panel and a new picture enhancement processor, delivering a boost in contrast and better picture quality.

The existing D1 models will be replaced by the aesthetically identical D2 series models in 42-inch and 50-inch, which see contrast ratio jump from 10,000:1 up to 15,000:1 along with general picture improvements thanks to the new processor.

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