IFA 2019 - BEKO Pressekonferenz - Mario Vogl, Geschäftsführer, BEKO Deutschland IFA 2019 - BEKO Press Conference - Mario Vogl, CEO, BEKO Germany

In refrigeration and laundry.

Beko’s IFA press conference heralded the arrival of new technology in its refrigerators that aims to recreate a natural living environment for fruits and vegetables long after they have been harvested.

HarvestFresh, which will be available in selected products from 2020, uses three effective colours (green, blue and red), which mimic the 24-hour sun cycle and natural sunlight.

Beko chief marketing officer, Zeynep Yalim Uzun, said this combination will simulate the day light cycle – including times of darkness.

“Studies have shown that this technology has helped preserve vitamin A and vitamin C levels much longer,” she said.

In home laundry, Beko unveiled a new AquaTech washing machine range, which has been designed to wash clothes in half the time.

Beko Northern Europe director, Mario Vogl (pictured above) said: “AquaTech technology is designed to clean your clothes in a gentler way, to help them last longer.

“Cascades water comes from the top of the drum, washing with powerful water jets that effectively clean your laundry in half the time of a conventional machine, without sacrificing wash performance.”

Vogl explained that this technology reduces the need for the vigorous drum movements usually required to wash laundry, replacing some drum movements instead with powerful water jets.