UnderCurrent isn’t normally one to be sucked into Ruslan Kogan’s publicity stunt vortex. It resisted the urge when the great man was blasted into space, began taxing IE7 users, jumped the Grand Canyon on his skateboard, challenged JB chief Richard Uechtritz to a $1 million bet, goaded Gerry Harvey, rotated the Earth backwards in order to reverse time and save Lois, and scored the winning TD in Super Bowl XL.

(UnderCurrent has actually made some of those up, though we assume them to be secretly true. Kogan is quite the renaissance man. –Editor)

No, UnderCurrent is definitely not one to be amused by Kogan’s antics, it’s more likely to be frustrated by them, like when it is sitting in an aisle seat on a long haul flight and the two people inside it are packing sieves for bladders.

That’s why when UnderCurrent decides to give Kogan some free PR it means the Belarusian-born squillionaire has finally done something worth publicising.

In addition to selling his own brand of electronics and several third party brands, Kogan’s website is now selling an ‘Entrepreneur Startup Kit’, complete with a Jobsian turtleneck (“You gotta look the part”), a Dysonesque NDA template (“Protect your intellectual property before you’ve even created it”) and, best of all, a Zuckerberger money counter (“You know what this one’s for ;)”. Also included in the pack is a ‘Screen Privacy Filter’ to avoid espionage while working in public and a PowerPoint/Keynote presentation clicker

Kogan start up
In the interest of promoting Objectivist principles, UnderCurrent stole this image from Kogan’s website.

UnderCurrent is pleased to report that all money raised by selling this $149 kit will be donated to the Ayn Rand Society the Wikimedia Foundation.

“This product is designed by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs. Why? Because life is too short to be taken too seriously and we like to have a bit of fun (even if it is at our own expense),” Kogan’s website says. “All profits from this product will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation (an organisation Kogan already actively supports).”