BeefEater is introducing the 7000 Series range of barbecues, consisting of four Premium models and four Classic models, available with four or five burners.

Constructed from durable cast iron and high-grade stainless steel, the BeefEater 7000 Series is built to withstand the Australian climate.

The flagship Premium Five Burner BBQ offers powerful 17MJ burners, an 11MJ rear ceramic burner designed for roasts and slow-cooked meals, and a 23MJ side burner to expand the barbecuing experience beyond tradition. The controls are LED illuminated and the stand is height adjustable.

The entire range features a full width glass viewing window and built-in temperature gauge to maintain steady heat, while the cast stainless burners and stainless steel vaporisers promise a durable, flexible, and efficient cooking system.

BeefEater marketing director, Richelle Barker said, “The BeefEater purpose is to make the experience of eating outdoors easier, more accessible and ultimately tastier. We place the Australian lifestyle at the heart of our innovation, with our new powerful 7000 Series offering one of Australia’s best and most reliable barbecuing experiences.”

The new 7000 Series models offer a customisable cooktop, featuring stainless steel elevated cooking rack to keep food warm or work as a second elevated cooking area. The Quartz One-Start Ignition System means the BBQ lights first time, every time, while the raised sides and sliding telescopic rails make for an easy clean.

The BeefEater 7000 Series is available now in stainless steel with RRPs ranging from $2,799 to $5,499.