By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: In the competition for the consumer’s dollar, TV suppliers in Australia are often described as being first and second tier brands, but Vivo managing director, Fabio Grassia says his brand is not second tier, it is premium mainstream.

“We’re not second tier, we are a premium mainstream brand,” Grassia told Current today. “We are an Italian-designed brand and we assemble Vivo TVs ourselves in our factory.”

In the first tier of TV brands in Australia, in alphabetical order, we have the volume sellers of LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony. Then there is a battle to be the clear fifth brand in the Australian market and all the TV brands currently available in Australia outside of these top four brands are in that second tier.

Grassia was keen to point out however that the terms first and second tier only describe the volume of TVs sold in the Australian market, but do not reflect on the quality of the TVs.

“We have total control over the assembly and the final quality control over the Vivo product, that’s why our failure rate is really low,” Grassia said.

“I am not depending on some other third party to check our product quality like other brands who source product from Chinese factories.

“That’s the Vivo difference, it is my own staff who are in control of the production of our own TVs in our own factory in China.”