When it comes to capacity, there is a new size in the laundry market: ultra large.

LG Electronics Australia has used ultra large to describe its newest addition to its 2014 laundry range, the Front Load Washer Dryer Combo with TrueSteam (WD12595FD6 RRP $3,499). The ultra large capacity machine can wash up to 15 kilograms and dry 7.5 kilograms.

Samsung also recently launched an ultra large capacity washer dryer combo (RRP $3,999) which can wash up to 15 kilograms of clothes on the PowerBubble cycle and dries up to 8 kilograms.

For the seasonal market the larger drum sizes can handle winter doonas or large blankets that may have been stored over the warmer months. The other advantage of a larger drum is larger loads mean fewer washes need to be done throughout the week.

The other key feature of LG’s ultra-large capacity washer dryer is the use of steam to tackle stains, ‘refresh’ clothes and reduce wrinkles. LG says “TrueSteam has the ability to fluff up fabric fibres, allowing for steam particles to clean on a microscopic level. Instead of saturating a stain with a single drop of water, up to 1,600 individual steam particles work to attack stains and odours to help remove them.

“Additionally, the LG Steam Direct Drive washing machines have been tested with the British Allergy Foundation and have been proven to help remove house dust mites from laundry.”

“The impressive new washer dryer combo brings together all of the innovative features LG is known for with the extra clout of an ultra-large 15kg washing capacity,” said Lambro Skropidis, general manager marketing at LG Australia.

“LG takes pride in creating products that anticipate the needs of customers, and our new washer dryer is no exception. Since bringing the range to Australia, the functionality, reliability, and stylish design of LG’s Smartwashers have been very well received,” he added.

The new model also features 6 Motion Control which rotates the drum at various speeds and  directions depending on the wash cycle.

Jennifer Osborne, home appliances marketing manager at LG said, “LG is the only washing machine to have this unique technology, which mimics different motions that you might use in handwashing.  Whilst other machines also have different types of wash cycles, they just vary the speed of the drum and the wash time, not the motion type.”

The washer comes with a 4-star energy rating and 4-star WELs rating, and the dryer has a 2.5-star energy rating.