By James Wells

SYDNEY: Samsung Electronics Australia today announced the launch of the new F8 Series of LCD TVs, ranging in price from $3,649 (40-inches) to $7,149 (52-inches).

According to a statement issued by Samsung Electronics Australia, the new F8 range incorporates 100Hz Motion Plus technology for a more fluid picture as well as full 1080p to provide more detail.

“For the last six months, we have occupied the number one position in the LCD market in Australia and with the introduction of the new 100Hz Full HD LCD TV, we expect our dominance of the LCD TV market to strengthen,” said senior product manager – visual, Evan Manolis.

The 40-inch F8 LCD TV will retail for $3,649, the 46-inch F8 LCD TV will retail for $4,749 and the 52-inch F8 LCD TV will retail for $7,149.

“100Hz Motion Plus technology, recently introduced by Samsung in the premium range of LCD TVs, provides a more fluid picture by doubling the number of still images shown on screen per second,” the statement said. The F8 also comes with 25,000:1 contrast ratio to deliver more depth and shading.