By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Fisher & Paykel will launch the Aquasmart top load washing machine in late Septemer which it claims will combine the convenience of a top loader and the low water consumption of a front loader, and will be eligible for government water rebates.

Priced at RRP $1,199, the Aquasmart will be the first top loader to achieve a four star water rating, and will qualify for various state government rebates issued for water saving appliances. These rebates are typically only attainable by water efficient front load machines.

Resembling a traditional top loading washer, the Aquasmart features a new washing technique which requires much less water, uses significantly less energy and is capable of washing an 8kg load in 55 minutes.

“The genius behind Aquasmart is that it gives you all the benefits of both styles of washing machines,” said Fisher & Paykel national marketing manager, Steve Reid.

“The machine’s unique low profile agitator works to gently roll the clothes over each other, removing soiling. Using less energy, less water and taking less time to do a wash, Aquasmart’s wash action is gentle on clothing and the concentration of soap to water facilitates a highly effective wash.”

Although Fisher & Paykel released its first range of front loaders earlier this year, the brand has historically resisted market trends towards front load washing machine technology, despite a gradual shift in consumer preference towards front load washers in the Australian market – primarily for their water efficiency.

The brand has always defended top load washers for their ergonomic advantages. Top loaders have traditionally been popular with Australian consumers, but often use significantly more water.

Reid considers the Aquasmart’s greatest feature to be its capacity for dual operation.

The Aquasmart’s dual wash mode allows the user to choose between High Efficiency Mode, where the machine fills with just enough water to gently roll clothes over each other; or Conventional Mode, where the gentle rolling action is duplicated while the clothes are fully immersed in water.

“Conventional immersion mode may be preferred when more water can help solve common wash problems – for example when colour run may be an issue,” said Reid.

Consistent with all Fisher & Paykel washing machines, Aquasmart is capable of spinning its load at 1000rpm, removing the vast majority of water from the clothing, contributing to a reduced drying time.