By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Fujifilm has introduced the FinePix S100FS (RRP $899) with ‘DSLR-style’ controls, ‘Film Simulation’ capability, and the option to shoot in aperture and shutter priority.

Other features include face detection, automatic red-eye removal, Dual Image Stabilisation, aperture priority and shutter priority exposure modes, high speed shooting, image formats in JPEG and RAW, VGA movie quality at 30 fps with sound, xD/SD/SD-HC compatible media slots and a 2.5" tiltable LCD.

“The FinePix S100FS is a viable DSLR alternative for advanced amateur photographers who are keen to have access to manual controls without the added expense and hassle of additional lenses and other accessories. said Fujifilm senior category manager – Consumer and Professional Products, Matt Dole.

Fujifilm’s ‘Film Simulation’ capability was designed to enable photographers to recreate the same tones and colours available from Fujifilm’s Velvia and Provia professional films.

“Film Simulation mode allows photographers to select the ideal ‘film’ mode for each scene with four choices that optimise for portraiture, low contrast (soft), vibrant colours (Velvia) or general use (Provia), enabling the capture of subtle changes in tone and colour reproduction that are most suitable to the scene,” said Dole.

In a statement, Fujifilm said that the FinePix S100FS has an extended dynamic range (100 per cent to 400 per cent) similar to negative film thanks to Fujifilm’s newly developed low noise eighth generation 2/3" Super CCD sensor with 11 megapixels and third generation RP [Real Photo] processor.

“This technology preserves subtle highlights and shadow tones. It also prevents over and underexposure — regardless of whether it is a landscape or portrait shot,” added Dole.

“It has an ISO 3200 capability at full resolution and an incredible ISO 10,000 at three megapixels, providing enthusiasts with an enormous sensitivity range for the best creative expression possible.”

The camera’s lens and CCD were designed together to operate as a single unit.

“This design allows the ultra-high precision Fujinon lens to achieve maximum resolution at all focal lengths of 28 mm to 400 mm equivalent and maximum aperture of a bright F2.8 for wide angle to F5.3 for telephoto.

“With its composite body and lens structure, there is no penetration of dirt and dust onto the CCD and the lens is perfectly matched to the sensor. The mechanical zoom also offers framing with fingertip precision.”

Fujufilm also said that the camera’s ‘one touch’ Face Detection 2.0 mode can detect up to 10 human faces in a scene and will automatically correct focus, exposure and white balance as fast as 0.05 seconds to ensure photos of the human faces are clear and properly exposed.

“Face Detection 2.0 can also identify faces at extreme angles — even in full profile,” said Dole. “The system allows for up to 90º movement in either direction for profiles and up to 135º for leaning or lying down in either direction to a total range of 270º.

“Face Detection 2.0 also features automatic red-eye removal — after the shot is captured, the FinePix S100FS will save both the original and corrected file. A side-by-side picture comparison is then available for viewing in playback mode,” Dole said.

Accessories include a Li-ion battery NP-140; battery charger BC-140; shoulder strap; lens cap; lens cap cord; USB and A/V cables; CD-Rom; and FinePix Viewer (RAW conversion function included).

Optional accessories include a remote release cable; PC card adapter and AC power adapter.