In recent months many categories of the consumer electronics industry have been in dramatic decline but when it comes to the gaming category, it has seen exceptional growth and has never been stronger.

As reported last month the video games industry has seen a staggering increase in sales of 47 per cent over 2008, and is showing resilience despite the current state of the economy.

But nevertheless some gamers are starting to feel the effects of the crisis and are looking for a much more cost effective option.

It has become increasingly more accepted for game retailers to incorporate second-hand games into their stores, due to their lower prices and popularity. In fact the entire second-hand market has witnessed a sharp increase in recent months.

EB Games, GAME, and JB Hi-Fi are continually increasing the amount of second-hand games for sale and one retailer in particular has emerged recently as a real threat in the market.

Gametraders is an Australian owned franchise that specialises in the buying, selling and trading of games on all platforms and is the only retailer to deal with all formats of games, consoles and accessories.

The retailer has experienced exceptional growth over the last three years, and has witnessed an increase of 70 per cent. Not too mention taking the number nine position as this years BRW fastest growing franchise.

The success of the franchise has definitely grown in recent times and Gametraders account this on the success of the second-hand market.

“There are two main reasons for this. One, second-hand games that are no longer played are traded in to offset the cost of new release titles. And, two, second-hand games are simply a good economic choice in the current climate,” said Mark Langford, Gametraders managing director.

“We’re also seeing second-hand games traded to offset the cost of another second-hand game,” said Langford. “If a new release game can’t be afforded, there are scores of second-hand games to choose from.”

Gametraders now has 46 stores throughout Australia, with another opening in Western Australia at the end of the month.