ASKO hosted a special training event with Winning Appliances staff at the flagship Redfern store in Sydney to support the launch of their new Celsius induction cooktop range.

Appliance Retailer was in attendance to join in and learn from three separate demonstration stations located throughout the store that showed the various features and benefits of the cooktop.

Winning Appliances staff were offered a buffet dinner prior to the ASKO Celsius demonstration event.

After a buffet dinner was served, sales training was conducted by national training manager Lisa Burke as well as head demonstrator, Maree Carr and other ASKO team members Radi Medojevic, Mark Murphy, Gavyn Cupido, Sandra Arnott and Julie McKnight. 

ASKO sales director, Rob Butchatsky introduces Winning Appliances staff to the ASKO Celsius cooktop.

“Cooking with temperature in one degree increments means precision,” ASKO national training manager Lisa Burke said.

“Whether you are searing a steak at 230 degrees or cooking pancakes perfectly at 210 degrees, the Celsius induction cooktop provides exactly what customers want – something that is flexible and easy to use.

ASKO national product trainer, Lisa Burke demonstrates the unique square-shape of the ASKO induction element.

“For the first time we are bringing an 80cm model to market, as well as a 90cm flush-mount model which is very much on trend in customers kitchen designs. The Celsius induction cooktop also allows the unique ‘Move’ function, which provides the ability to move your pot elsewhere on the surface and retain the same settings and configurations.

Adrian Conti (Winning Appliances) & Lisa Burke (ASKO).

“We also have an extremely flexible power management system that provides electricians the ability to connect the product up to 15 ways including single phase, two-phase or three-phase,” Burke said.

Sandra Arnott & Mark Murphy from ASKO demonstrate the Celsius cooktop in the upstairs demonstration area.

Some of the other key training elements in the demonstration of the Celsius cooktop were explaining the unique square shape of the induction coils (rather than circular) and how this maximised the surface area and coverage across the induction hob eliminating ‘cold spots’. 

Sandra Arnott, Julie McKnight & Mark Murphy from ASKO.

According to ASKO sales director, Rob Butchatsky, the introduction of the Celsius induction cooktop range is a key platform for the brand in 2024 as it represents a broad range of ‘firsts’ for the category.

He said it also reinforces ASKO’s strategy of bringing the most premium and innovative product to the cooking category, flowing on from its strong reputation in premium dishwashing and laundry products.

Winnings staff learn how to make caramel on the Celsius cooktop with ASKO demonstrator, Maree Carr.

There are seven Celsius cooktops available in the range, all with a five-year warranty as well as a bonus gift with purchase of a Celsius fry pan for 60cm or 80cm models and purchasers of the top of the range 90cm model receive a chef’s pot and fry pan.

Karl Mellington, Pedro Espada & Michael Voulgarakis (Winning Appliances).

The ASKO Celsius induction cooktop range, available in gloss black and matt black, provides the ability for consumers to cook at single-degree increments as well as the familiar 1-12 plus boost power levels.

The cooktop also integrates with ASKO-branded Celsius fry pan and chef’s pot as well as a Bluetooth probe for liquid-based cooking methods such as Sous Vide. Timers are also available to ‘count-up’ so that consumers can add ingredients at specific intervals or complete a cooking step at a set time. 

Winnings and ASKO staff.

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Feature image: Harry Boileau (Winning Appliances), Rob Butchatsky (ASKO) & James Moore (Winning Appliances).