28 service technicians now operating nationally.

The Australian subsidiary of Asko – which is also the brand’s best performing subsidiary globally – has confirmed it is providing seven-day customer service nationally following an internal trial.

In an exclusive interview with Asko Australia managing director, Crt Prasnikar (pictured), he told Appliance Retailer the focus for the brand will continue to be on servicing the customer.

“We try to be as close to the customer as possible in terms of understanding their needs. We have now introduced seven-day service in metropolitan areas which we believe is a first. So for example if a product has a problem on Saturday, a customer can call our service team and the following day we will endeavour to repair the appliance and the family will still be able to enjoy their Sunday roast.

“We have stepped up to provide a premium service and we are proud of this achievement. We have created a niche and this tells the story as to why we are a premium brand. During our trial we worked to develop a proper roster of people as it is a new dimension for the employees. Now we have completed the trial phase, everyone understand the model and we are happy to publically announce the introduction.

“We are showing that we care for the customer and helping them in an industry where from time to time consumers can experience problems. If they do experience problems we want to be able to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. We now have 28 service technicians around the country and we are delivering a KPI of 92 per cent first time fix rate which we believe is industry leading.”