Arisit, distributor of cooking specialist brand Steel in Australia, hosted a select group of designers and architects at the Whitfords Designer Appliances showroom in Sydney to launch the Steel 100-year anniversary range, first unveiled at Eurocucina in June 2022. Arisit also held an event with E&S staff in Melbourne earlier in the week.

Arisit and E&S staff with Steel CEO and president, Auro Po and sales manager, Attilio Po at the Melbourne event.

Steel CEO and president, Auro Po and sales manager, Attilio Po flew to Australia from Italy for the launch events.

At the Sydney event, Auro Po opened the presentations speaking about Steel’s 100-year anniversary, which was officially commemorated in 2022.

“My grandfather, Angelo Po founded the company in 1922 and STEEL is now a fourth-generation family business with my daughter, Martina now involved in product marketing and new projects at the factory,” he said.

Arisit and E&S staff at the Melbourne event.

“We have over 100 years of experience and for more than 50 years, the company manufactured commercial cooking appliances, so that is our background. We had a lot of people looking for commercial products for their home so we knew we had to create a more design-led product for the domestic market. We made a huge investment in range cookers for the home kitchen while maintaining the characteristics of our commercial appliances, including the same components, materials and technology.

“When you think about Steel, we want you to remember our 100 years of experience across four generations, professional know-how of commercial products, and our unique performance and specifications.”

Atillio Po and Auro Po at the Sydney event at Whitford’s Designer Appliances.

Steel sales manager Attilio Po and brother of Auro, presented the key features and benefits of the Genesi cooker 100-year anniversary range.

“The cooktop is a single piece of stainless steel with rounded corners and edges making it easy to clean. Our high efficiency brass gas burners can reach up to 60% energy efficiency, compared to other burners on the market that reach 40% or 50% efficiency,” he said.

“With the shift towards induction cooking, we also offer an induction element that is the most powerful on the market. It is a flex induction which allows home cooks to use all of the power on a single burner to reduce cooking time.”

The new range cookers are the first to introduce a TFT touch display for more precise and accurate temperature control, according to Po.

“There is a standard function to manage the settings manually, as well as automatic, sabbath and eco-functions. Our patented INNVENT ventilation system guarantees uniform heat distribution inside the cavity for a more even cooking result,” he said.

“The combi-steam function is ideal for delicate and healthier cooking as the steam generated in the cavity replaces the humidity that the food loses due to high temperatures, which preserves its natural properties and enhances the taste. It also saves up to 30% of cooking time.

“With our new pizza function, the oven reaches 350 degrees Celsius to achieve a true Italian pizza in under five minutes. The meat probe function comes direct from our commercial ovens to help home cooks achieve professional results by controlling the temperature inside the food; for example, a medium rare steak or tender roast beef.”

Feature image: Ben Whitford (Whitford’s Designer Appliances), Rachael Williams (Arisit), Atillio Po (Steel), Benjamin Demicoli (Arisit), Ben Dahl (Arisit), Vince Boyle (Arisit) and Auro Po (Steel) at the Sydney event for Steel.