Launch of latest cookers.

More and more combi-steamers are being added as an attachment across sales as combi-steam ovens become favoured across the cooking category, according to Arisit marketing commuications manager, Shelley Neill.

“The recognition that steaming not only enhances taste but adds to the health factor when it comes to home cooking,” Neill told Appliance Retailer. Steel cookers have a large cooking cavity and are combi-steam ovens with full 304 grade stainless interiors.

Arisit cooker 2

“The vibrant selection of colours available across both the Ascot and the Genesi range can be easily converted back to stainless steel if the customer decides to sell, or even if they want to change the feel of their kitchen. Steel upright cookers range from 90cm to 120cm and are not only versatile in terms of size and colour but also design. Each Steel design is uniquely different,” she explained.

The Ascot range cookers are more traditionally designed cookers that offer either combi-steam or standard enamel interior, while the Genesi range cookers are more contemporary in design and offer either combi-steam or standard enamel interior. The entry level Primo range comes in a modern upright design and has a standard enamel interior.

“The uprights cooktops can come in both gas and induction. The Genesi and Ascot range now carry brass burners that have 60% heat efficiency, which is much higher than competitor brands which commonly sit at around 48%. The Brass burners will not warp and maintain heat efficiency. To add to this they are easy to clean and assist in even cooking.

“Steel continually look at the evolution of the market to tune into the new lifestyles and techniques of living and cooking. The new soft muted Celeste colour will be trending as it can be used as a perfect alternative to standard white or a perfect complement,” she said.