By Patrick Avenell

WOW Sight & Sound's much-hyped clearance sale is not going well, with consumers queueing for they thought would be huge savings only to be disappointed by the size of the discounts.

After WOW was placed in receivership on Monday 27 February 2012, receivers Ferrier Hodgson hasitly organised a promoted a sale to clear stock and raise whatever revenue they could muster. Most of the reports emanating out of WOW's homebase in Queensland today have been very critical.

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"Don’t waste your time," wrote Matthew in a letter to " I just spent 30 minutes walking around the store looking for their so-called bargains, and when I did buy a couple of things, they charged me full price.

"I hadn’t even left the store when I realised, so I went back to the counter and was basically told to go away, and I would need to speak to the administrators.

"Just because they have gone into administration doesn’t give them the right to steal."

Matthew told he planned on contacting the ASIC and ACCC with his complaint. has placed a call to the Ferrier Hodgson to discuss this and several other aspects of WOW's receivership.