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SYDNEY, NSW: Panasonic Australia managing director Steve Rust today spoke directly with consumers via a Twitter conference, with followers encouraged to pose any questions they had concerning 3D TV. Here is an edited transcript of this dialogue.

@Edgar71: Hi Steve, when will we be seeing 3D without the need for glasses?
@steverust: Development of 3D without eyeware is progressing slowly. For big screen TVs, it may be several years away.

@ChrisOber: 3D TV content still appears to be quite jerky in fast paced scenes. Why is this so, and when can we expect to see improvements?
@steverust: Have you watched 3D on plasma? Avatar is wonderful. No jerkiness or image blurring at all.

@Patrickavenell: Can we expect to see any 3D Panasonic LCD or LED LCD TVs anytime soon?
@steverust: Plasma still has distinct advantages: no blurring, better blacks. LCD and LED LCD will get better, then maybe.

@sarah_m_davies: Why does Panasonic prefer plasma for 3D TV rather than LCD?
@steverust: No blurred images, great viewing from any angle and best picture contrast on the market. Three very good reasons!

@csimps0n: Will we see a point where plasmas overtake LED/LCD panels in terms of power efficiency/energy star ratings?
@steverust: Power efficiency is so close now, there’s not much in it. And plasma will reduce sharply as new models are released.

@thetreker: How long will your 3D glasses last? They cost a packet!
@steverust: Our non-rechargeable have batteries with 100 hours life, then you can insert a new battery. With our rechargeable glasses, recharge the battery after 5 hours use. The glasses themselves do not wear out.

@Dr_Drake60: How is Panasonic innovating the ways in which content is delivered to the screen? Any special integration planned?
@steverust: IPTV and HD Skype are growing quickly. Every year there are new announcements and CES may have more announcements.

@waggaweapon: How come there is no standard for glasses? Each manufacturer has their own?
@steverust: Sure would make sense, but the glasses are optimised for each technology.

Some of these Tweets have been edited to improve readability.

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