Ahead of Christmas time.

Delivery continues to be the number one source of frustration for Australian online shoppers, with the most common cause of negative experiences being products taking longer to arrive than specified, according to new Galaxy research commissioned by Appliances Online.

Of the 44% of Australians who have had a negative experience while shopping online, delayed delivery is the main problem, with 44% mentioning it, down from 51% in 2015. This is followed by products that weren’t the same as described online, mentioned by 42%, down from 46% in 2015. For 34% of people reporting a negative experience the product didn’t arrive at all, compared to 47% in 2015.

Appliances Online CEO, John Winning said delivery is a crucial component of the online shopping journey, yet many online retailers continue to get it wrong.


“Although shopping online has become the norm for many Australians, logistics and delivery is still a major problem for consumers. A high number of Australians are still reporting the wrong product being delivered, delayed delivery, or the product not being delivered at all, which is a huge problem around Christmas time.

“In the lead up to Christmas, timely and reliable delivery is more important than ever. Online retailers really need to get it right and step up their game or customers will go elsewhere as problems with delivery can mean missing the big day.

“At Appliances Online, providing speedy delivery that is free and reliable has always been a priority, which is why we have invested in our own delivery and installation team, making us one of the few Australian ecommerce businesses to own the last leg of the customer journey.

“We offer free next day delivery in most Australian metropolitan areas, as well as selected regional centres. We’re aware of how critical delivery is, especially around Christmas, so our customers can order a product as late as 23 December and still have it arrive for the big day,” he said.

Other findings and online shopping trends identified from the research include:

Importance of mobile

The increasing use of smartphones among Australian consumers highlights mobile purchases as an integral channel, demonstrating the need for a tailored mobile strategy. With three in four (74%) Australians sometimes using a smartphone or tablet to help when shopping for items or services, a significant increase of 8% since 2015, retailers who do not invest in a mobile strategy may be missing out.

Security concerns affect confidence

Among the 18% of Australians who are not confident about shopping online, the lack of confidence is largely due to their dislike of making credit card purchases online (64%), and their reluctance to hand over personal details (57%) while 28% don’t trust the internet. This is despite only 10% mentioning fraudulent websites, 9% mentioning stolen details and 3% mentioning viruses as the cause of a negative experience from shopping online.

Trust is a must

When Australians shop online for large appliances such as a television or fridge 71% mention an online supplier they can trust as a very important consideration. This has increased a considerable 15% from 2015 to become the most valued consideration. A high proportion of Australians also mention a good warranty (65%) and a known brand that they can trust (63%) as very important, while only 52% mention free delivery. Previously the most valued consideration at 60% in 2015, this now comes in after the best combination of good features and low cost, being able to quickly compare all options and prices and after sales service/contact details.