By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: AVLabs’ travel charger has been voluntarily recalled by Shun Shing Standard Corporation Ltd after it was found that the conversion plug component of the charger features a manufacturing defect which could potentially expose the user to live internal circuitry.  

As a result, Shun Shing has conducted a voluntary recall of all products featuring this component, including coordinating a unified effort with all four importers who use the effected component, to remove and replace any of the affected plugs in the marketplace.

“For any customers who may have purchased one of the above-mentioned products, Shun Shing requests they switch off the power at the power point and disconnect the AC power adaptor from the mains power point, then check the label details to verify if it has one of the affected products,” said Shun Shing in a statement today.

“Faulty plugs can be identified by their product labels, which are listed on a website which has been set up for our customer’s convenience

“If their AC power adaptor has one of the labels listed, we advise that they do not reconnect the AC power adaptor. They should simply log their details on the website and these details will be sent directly to the importer who will facilitate a replacement Australian plug to be issued.”

Australian plugs purchased from mid 2006 may be affected by the fault and as a precautionary measure the importers will be exchanging all affected adapters which have been sold.