By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Philips has taken on the male grooming category with as much humour as commercial nous, recently updating its online grooming platform to offer men tongue in cheek tricks for the trimming trade.

The website’s trivia aims to engage consumers by offering them real incentives. It claims, for example, that 44 per cent of woman “are left cold by hairy ears, moles and nostrils”, that 36 per cent of women “run a mile on seeing a unibrow” and that the stubble look can make a receding hair line less noticeable.

The online platform complements the groom boom and communicates the benefits of grooming to men in a straightforward manner, said Peter Bosscher from Philips to

“In an environment where grooming is booming and men’s style comes under more and more scrutiny, it can be very confusing for men to know the right tool to use for the look they want to achieve,” said Bosscher.

“With the grooming platform, Philips wants to be a helping hand to modern men by addressing their grooming concerns in the language they speak. This should make it easier for them to understand how to achieve the right look with the right products.”

“We hope the platform will engage men and encourage confident experimentation with new styles and techniques.”