Home robotics manufacturer, Narwal has made its debut in Australia with the launch of the Freo X Ultra, which has already gained global attention with multiple awards including the Reddot Design Award, Edison Award and iF Design Award among others.  

Narwal Robotics founder and CEO, Junbin Zhang said, “Narwal is dedicated to crafting products that offer exceptional power and minimal maintenance for users. With this commitment in mind, we’ve innovated the Narwal Freo X Ultra to address common pain points in home cleaning.

“That’s why we’ve introduced features like the certified zero-tangling brush and 8,200PA suction power, alongside an innovative self-contained dust processing solution that takes station self-emptying to the next level. These advancements ensure users are completely freed from the burdens of dealing with hair tangles and dirt.”

With fan speeds reaching 60,000RPM and a U-shaped air duct design, the Freo X Ultra delivers unparalleled suction power of 8,200pa.

Narwal’s Zero-Tangling Floating Brush incorporates 50-degree bristles which release hair that gets aerodynamically into the dust bin via the floating end of the brush. It has been certified by renowned testing institutes SGS and TÜV Rheinland to capture 99% of hair without tangling – even on carpets.

The Freo X Ultra’s U-Pipe airflow system increases fan efficiency by 30%, compressing dust into a small space for up to seven weeks of storage. It features revolutionary self-empty 2.0, clogging and noise-free capabilities.

Utilising AI and optical technology, DirtSense is a world-first technology that detects dirty areas during mopping, ensuring thorough cleaning. The Reuleaux triangular scrubbing mops provide exceptional scrubbing power and rotating speed, while the EdgeSwing mode effectively reaches corners.

Also suited for cleaning on soft floors, the Freo X Ultra has automated mop lifting that raises 12mm to avoid carpet contamination and vacuums in a crisscross pattern to extract dust from every angle.

Tri-laser millimetre-level object avoidance, LiDAR SLAM 4.0 integration, side laser, and app control combine to offer seamless navigation and operation, while 360-degree scanning vision ensures optimised cleaning paths with smart no-go zones, 3D and multi-floor mopping.

The Freo X Ultra’s intelligent base station washes, dries, and cleans the mopping cloth automatically, providing a hands-free cleaning experience. The Freo X Ultra introduces base station touchscreen control, a first in the industry.

The Narwal Freo X Ultra is available to purchase via the Narwal Australia website, Costco and Amazon.