By Matthew Henry

KANGAROO ISLAND: Island Television Betta Electrical in South Australia has returned to the Retravision group amid claims the BSR buying group is losing its buying power as more members leave the new consortium.

Located in the town of Kingscote on Kangaroo Island, the Island Television store, owned by Barry Uren, recently resumed trading under the Retravision banner after nearly seven years with Betta Electrical.

Store manager Alan Evans said moving to the larger Retravision group was necessary for the store to remain competitive in the short term.

“One reason was that Retravision had more to offer in terms of pricing structure. We used to be a Retravision years ago, but with the demise of Betta and a lot of members leaving we felt that in the short term their buying power wasn’t going to be as strong,” said Evans.

“We were with BSL and then BSR, but it just wasn’t right for us. With the numbers dropping so fast, the deals just weren’t coming and some suppliers were leaving. Retravision is the best thing for us at the moment,” he said.

Evans said the store’s remote location –14 kilometres offshore from the mainland – also made it essential to get the benefits of tapping into the buying scale of the Retravision group.

“Being on an island, it has always been important for us to keep up with Adelaide in terms of pricing and in the past we could keep up,” said Evans.

The outside of the store is currently being repainted in Retravision colours and will also undergo an internal makeover to remove the Betta Electrical colour scheme.