Amazon Australia is introducing the eero 6, an all-new mesh Wi-Fi system featuring Wi-Fi 6 to deliver fast speeds, high performance, and better support for connected devices.

With more people working from home, learning online, video conferencing and streaming content, the eero 6 works with any existing internet service and is interoperable with all eero generation for any easy upgrade.

Set-up takes just minutes using the in-app instructions and once it is up and running, users can connect their smart home devices to the network with Amazon’s Frustration Free Setup.

With a built-in Zigbee smart home hub, eero 6 eliminates the need for additional Zigbee hubs to manage the network, pause the internet, share the network with others, and more. Enable the eero skill in the Alexa app or use a compatible smart home device.

Automatic software updates provide the latest security patches, bug fixes, and feature upgrades. For additional peace of mind, users can add advanced security and privacy features and parental controls with eero Secure for $4.99 per month.

Alternatively, they can sign up for eero Secure+ for $15.99 per month for additional protection of top-rated security apps including 1Password for password management, Malwarebytes for malware protection, and for VPN for all devices.

The eero 6 system is available for RRP $229 with a single router and up to 140 metres of coverage. An extender is available for RRP $199 for coverage up to 280 metres when paired with the single router. The three-pack for RRP $499 includes an eero 6 router and two mesh extenders that cover up to 460 metres.