When buying consumer tech.

Over 91 per cent of Australians, aged 14 and over, have either sought advice from, or been the source of advice for their friends and family. Although buying a car is the most discussed topic followed by eating out a restaurant, 47 per cent of Australian consumers seek advice relating to mobile phones, 43 per cent when it comes to home entertainment or electronics and 39 per cent for home renovations.

Roy Morgan CEO, Michele Levine said marketers have always understood the importance and value of word of mouth to promote their products. “This new research identifies the key drivers of this form of communication. Surprisingly, word of mouth is as important today though information is increasingly easy to get online. Even with all kinds of elaborate rating systems to score the value, accuracy, helpfulness or likability, people still value advice from a ‘trusted advisor’ among family or friends, and people still love to give advice.

“When it comes to giving advice, trusted advisers are still more likely to be male for computers or computer equipment, computer/console games, home entertainment or electronics and cars, to name a few. Women are still more likely to be trusted advisers for information on skincare and beauty, fashion, decorating the home and most grocery and retail products.”