By Sarah Falson

HONG KONG: A Haier Double Drive washing machine that can reportedly wash a load of clothes in only 15 minutes will be making its debut in the Australian market shortly, according to Haier Australia.

The Double Drive machine is currently available in Hong Kong, and has recently been the focus of a Haier marketing campaign which has seen large appliance chains washing clothes for Hong Kong customers free-of-charge, to demonstrate the washer and gain consumer interest due to the hands-on nature of the promotion.

Though the Double Drive model in question is smaller than the Double Drive version currently sold in Australia, the 15-minute washer will make an appearance locally, albeit at an unidentified date.

“The smaller Double Drive model which can wash in just 15 minutes isn’t available here at the moment, however, it is on our agenda,” Haier marketing manager, Tony Gersback, told

The washers feature specific energy-saving, water-saving and quick-washing functions.

“We are undertaking analysis work with a view to launch other ‘innovative’ appliances to complement our DD model,” he said.

According to a statement from Haier’s head office, consumers in Hong Kong who took part in the marketing campaign were receptive to the technology because of their fast-paced lives and concern for the environment.

It is not clear if a similar campaign will launch in Australia when the 15-minute Double Drive hits our shores, however, Haier Australia staged a successful marketing campaign of its own in November last year.

According to Gersback, the next generation HWM90DD machine with ‘twin filter system’ and 10-year warranty was found by consumers to be “simply too good to pass up,” even though at $1,499, it is above the average market price for a washing machine.

“We went to both retailers and consumers with a complete marketing strategy to back this quality product,” he told in November.

“The HWM90DD delivers the best of Haier’s research and development so there was no hesitation in giving it a ten year warranty and, although it boasts the latest in technology and design our strategy was to introduce it with consumer value positives.”