The 2015 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) kicked off today and several buyers from Australia were quick to express interest in a new bladeless fan that could impact Dyson’s dominance in the cooling category.

An attractive and somewhat familiar bladeless form factor and a smooth, steady flow of cool air had buyers hovering around booth of Korean company windamp (styled with a lower case ‘w’).

Well aware of Dyson’s dominance, representatives from the company told Appliance Retailer they were hoping the product “would change the definition of the bladeless fan” and how consumers think about the category.

Patents in order, the product is currently available in Korea and Japan, and deals with suppliers from other countries are afoot.

Using ‘Valley Wind’ technology the windamp Air Fan is designed to replicate a natural breeze in strength and decibels. Inspired by the “strong but natural breeze between valleys and buildings” the airflow is generated by two cross flow fans rotating in opposite directions.

Other benefits the company is promoting are energy efficiency in comparison to traditional models of fan and the reduced risk of accidents that comes with hiding blades.

Windamp Air Fan (AF1010)
The oscillating windamp Air Fan (AF1010) has 8 speed settings, 8 timer settings from 1 to 8 hours and can be manually tiled 30  degrees.
The three new Dyson Cool models: AM06 (RRP $449), AM07 (RRP $649) and AM08 (RRP $649); pictured with the previously released Dyson Hot + Cool (AM05).
The Dyson Cool models: AM06 (RRP $449), AM07 (RRP $649) and AM08 (RRP $649) and Dyson Hot + Cool (AM05).