By Patrick Avenell at EuroCucina

The EuroCucina kitchen and bathroom appliance fair in Milan, Italy, was the scene of a dishwasher speed battle overnight, with both Smeg and Miele claiming new records for turbo cycles in their dishwashers.

Smeg's new Domestic Pro line of dishwashers, which are made in Italy at the company's factory in Bonferraro, boasts a 16-minute 'Ultra Rapid' cycle in selected models. This speed is achieved by the incorporation of a dual-core system – effectively two motors powering the 5,600-watt appliance.

The Ultra Rapid cycle uses 10 litres of water during its 16 minutes of cleaning, while a normal cycle uses just 6.5 litres. As a sign of how far appliance manufacturers have come in relation to sustainability and environmental concerns, a standard dishwashing cycle 15 years ago used around 17-20 litres, according to Smeg.

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Just across the aisle from Smeg's stand at the trade show is Miele. Also a very attractive stand, Miele is focusing on two things: it's 'culinary competence' through FlexTouch Induction and its own new range of dishwashers.

Here's how Miele describes its new dishwashers in its official press release:

"Miele will be presenting the fastest fully integrated dishwasher in the world, using professional commercial-grade technology to wash loads in only 17 minutes, leaving the competition standing."

One minute too late?