A new category by industry standards, the instant segment 5 years ago introduced consumers with a new type of vacuuming cleaning convenience being ‘grab and go -instant’ cleaning or as Electrolux says – ‘for better cleaning between cleaning’.

The product front and centre and driving this boom is the iconic award winning Electrolux ‘Ergorapido’ which almost single-handedly created this category and today drives it with a dominating 60% plus value and volume market share. So what are the keys to Ergorapido’s success and more importantly – why really do consumers buy this ‘Instant’ vacuum cleaner? Electrolux’s global consumer insight studies reveal that this type of vacuum cleaner is purchased by consumers for a few very clear reasons.

  • It is mainly used for less than two minutes at a time, a number of times a day for quick cleaning and pick-up of largely visible dust and dirt.
  • Consumers place significant importance on the need for an ergonomic design that is well balanced with a low centre of gravity and that feels good ‘in the hand’ and is truly easy to use.
  • It is actually ‘grab and go’ instant vacuum cleaning from its integrated charging and storage base. No need to connect on tubes or nozzles etc.
  • Very important also is a range of modern fashion product colour choices for the consumer so they can chose an instant vacuum that blends in with their home and living area colours and environment.

Electrolux has identified these areas as to what attracts consumers and drives them to buy instant vacuums in ever increasing numbers. Ergorapido has won several International design awards and a recently earned Choice Recommended status based on outstanding performance results, as tested by Choice Magazine.

Ergorapido is available in four brilliant fashion colours, Antique Steel, Cassis, Pastel Green and Fresh Yellow. The new range also features LED lights on the nozzle, to make sure you don't miss any dust when vacuuming under furniture, and a thoughtful double pivot design to enable outstanding manouvrebility in and around furniture. Apart from an award winning ergonomics, Ergorapido is of course a 2 in 1, with the hand held unit easily detached for above floor cleaning. The inclusion of small accessories built in to the charging stand further add to Ergorapido cleaning flexibility.

With still very low in-home penetration levels and a low sales rate relative to full size vacuums, the instant vacuum cleaner market is poised to grow even more over the coming years and the future looks bright for retailers who have crafted the art of selling instant vacuum cleaners to consumers where it is an add on to traditional full size vacuum sales in store.

Ergorpaido RRP $219, available in now four colours:
ZB2901 (Antique Steel), ZB2902 (Cassis), ZB2903 (Pastel Green), ZB2905 (Fresh Yellow)