By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: A Gold Coast Retravision store has told that they are currently out of stock of dehumidifiers after a rush of demand in the last two weeks especially.

“We’ve sold quite a bit of air conditioning as well, though it hasn’t been as hot as we’d predicted, it’s been crazy weather,” said the storeperson. “The humidity is really getting to people.”

Helen Finlayson, De’Longhi product manager for major appliances and comfort said that while the benefits of dehumidifiers are well known they are usually sold on word of mouth.

“Summer rain in particular produces moisture and humidity creating an unpleasant damp environment,” said Finlayson.

“Not only does it result in uncomfortable living conditions but encourages mould and mildew, both are known to be a hazard to health.  Home furnishings are also damaged by damp and mouldy conditions.

“De’Longhi dehumidifiers substantially improve the quality of air by optimising the removal of moisture, reducing levels of mould and mildew.”

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