AEG’s Matte Black collection of ovens, rangehoods and cooktops is rolling out to retail stores this month, combining the latest technology and a new tactile finish for a premium look and feel.

The collection is complete with matte glass – a striking yet robust finish fit for any cooking environment – which enhances the characteristics of tempered glass with stain resistant and anti-fingerprint properties.

The hero product in the Matte Black oven range is the AEG SteamPro Oven with Steamify (BSK99733PT) that adjusts the steam level automatically. With Assisted Cooking, users simply scroll through menus to select a food category and the oven will generate the settings accordingly. The Food Sensor allows users to tell the oven how they want the dish cooked – rare, medium, or well done – without even opening the door.

The oven features a responsive command wheel for intuitive control and connected cooking for remote management. The range is rounded out by two additional 60cm ovens, two compact ovens, vacuum sealer and two warming drawers.

The hero product in the Matte Black cooktop range is the 83cm Induction Cooktop with Integrated Hood (IDK84454IB) featuring the ComboHob, an extraction fan and induction cooktop in one.

With Hob2Hood technology, the fan will adjust accordingly when the cooktop’s heat is turned up or down, while the MultiBridge function enables users to cook multiple dishes or larger portions with automatic power alignment, even heat distribution and the ability to accommodate large pots and pans.  

The range also includes the AEG SensePro hob (IAE84881FB) with world-first wireless and battery-less probe, inserted within a pot or pan when in use, that communicates directly with the hob. This sets and maintains the exact temperature of food, delivering rare, medium, or well done to the degree, as well as water to cook using the sous vide technique on the cooktop.

The range is rounded out by four additional induction cooktops and a stainless steel gas cooktop.

AEG marketing director, Richelle Barker described the Matte Black collection as the perfect balance of intelligent responsive technology for the design conscious consumer.

“AEG exists to redefine what you would expect from household appliances. We are a brand that challenges the boundaries of everyday life,” she said.

“Since our start in Berlin in 1883, we’ve been driven to provide uncompromising innovations for the home. The new AEG Matte Black appliance range is an exclusive and premium addition to the AEG kitchen collection, bringing a new aesthetic to an increasingly sophisticated kitchen space.

“The range features ovens, cooktops and rangehoods, all boasting a stunning new design complete with a tactile, finish and ground-breaking technology. The Hob2Hood rangehood is all about low energy consumption and powerful performance, delivering a fresher kitchen by cleaning air quickly and efficiently.

“The SteamPro full steam oven utilises intuitive command wheel to automate steam cooking. Regardless of whatever aesthetic you currently have in your kitchen, the Matte Black collection will effortlessly elevate your kitchen space to a whole new level, leaving you to enjoy experimenting and refining your culinary skills.”

The AEG Matte Black collection has won prestigious design awards including the Red Dot and iF product design awards 2020.