Australians nonchalant about new models.

Consumers, Gen X and Baby Boomers in particular, are not trading up to new devices like they used to, potentially skipping up two new generations of smartphones.

New research by of 2,019 respondents showed the majority are holding onto their smartphones with Gen X switching models on average every three years while Baby Boomers trade up almost every four years. It’s a slightly different story for Gen Y, who will upgrade the most frequently, every two years.

It’s become a mature market, and in line with that, the differences between one year’s phone models and the next are not that great or compelling, according to telco spokesman, Alex Kidman.

“Gone are the days when each new generation of phone revealed huge new features. Big brands need to pull a rabbit out of the hat if they want to create some buzz around their new models,” he said.

This could change with Apple expected to announce a major revision of the iPhone when the company celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the device later this year.

“However, there are still a select few who will always pounce at the opportunity to pick up the latest model smartphone,” Kidman said.