Breville’s Quick Touch microwave has received a tick of approval from the consumer organisation Choice, recommending it in the “what to buy” section of its latest microwave report.

Breville senior category manager Sharon Lenzer said the testing criteria highlighted exactly what Breville set out to achieve with smart features to solve “real food challenges.”

The review involved defrosting mince and a whole chicken, cooking vegetables and reheating quiche, putting to the test the Quick Touch’s setting that calculates the power and  time needed to cook, reheat or defrost.

The microwave has the “A Bit More” setting, which first appeared on Breville’s toaster range and adds an extra 15 per cent of the program cooking time at the right power level. It is also the only microwave to display manual adjustment of power and time while it is in use.

At RRP $399 the Quick Touch was the only microwave over $300 to make it on to the “what to buy” list.

Choice road-tested 37 models, priced between $190 and $690, also taking into account the ease of use and cleaning, and visibility through the door.

The Choice report recommends consumers take the time to read their microwave manual so they aren’t guilty of underusing the appliance’s features.
Lenzer said consumers should be encouraged to get hands-on when shopping for microwaves.

“Walk customers through the demonstration, encouraging them to press the smart buttons, open the door and try out some of short cuts such as Melt Chocolate, Baked Beans and My Favourite. This will help consumers realise how versatile and easy to use a microwave can be,” Lenzer said.